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Gary is a Songwriter, composer in San Diego. Use this link to listen an purchase original music by Gary @

You Tube channel for Gary:

As a songwriter inspiration comes from many different places, but what inspires me the most, is to be a creative in my art.


The joy of creating a piece of music that someone else can enjoy. and get inspiration from.  I’m constantly asking myself, what else can I do to improve my songs and art.

Original Music Consists of: New age ,Rock & Roll , Progressive Jazz, R%B, Blues, Folk, Alternative, Reggae, and Country. All music on this site is copyright /all rights reserved by :Gary is a member of ascap. (@ all rights reserved)

Instruments played : Piano, Guitar, Bass, Vocal, Harmonica, Percussion & DJ

Attended Berklee College Of Music in Boston. Composition and Arranging.

Currently Working as a full time musician ,band leader & DJ,playing clubs and Private parties in San Diego

Contact info / About Music Pro.  858-755-7470 for booking and cd purchasing @

Gary is a professional Pianist, Guitarist, Vocalist, Bassist, Percussionist, Ukulele player, Band leader, DJ / MC, Sound Engineer,  Singer Songwriter, Composer and is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston.


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